Handicap Bathrooms

- Door frames will be widened to allow for wheelchair access. New wider doors will be installed to fit the wider door frame.

- Walk In Bathtubs can be installed allowing a disabled person to easily move from a wheelchair to the tub.

- Roll In Showers can be implemented allowing a disabled person to roll right into the shower without the need for assistance.

- Grab Bars will be installed in the shower, around the bathtub, and anywhere else a person may need them.

- Bathroom Fixtures: The bathroom fixtures and faucets will be moved as necessary to allow for easy reach

View our photo gallery to see some of the Handicap Bathrooms Don Leitch Construction has remodeled.

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Don Leitch Construction specializes in remodeling bathrooms to accomidate for the elderly and disabled. Add wheelchair accessability to your bathroom and regain the independence you once had.

We have several options to fit your space and budget.
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